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New Mix Music

Towards the Light
Improvisations featuring
Sally Mosher, Patrick Lindley, Justin
Rizzo-Weaver and Scott Fraser
Towards the Light CD cover
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The Improvisations on "Towards the Light" comprise a broad spectrum of spontaneous compositions and interactions for acoustic and electronic keybaords, occasionally joined by electric guitar, as Patrick Lindley, Sally Mosher, Justin Rizzo-Weaver, and Scott Fraser explore an ever-expanding, adventurous world of sound.

Praise for Towards the Light

"These fine, creative musicians have clearly had a good time putting togethert this enjoyable
and varied listening experience. There is a good mixture of moods, from the sweetly
meditative, to the dark and atmospheric, to the fast and head spinning. An agreeable
excursion." --- Richard Grayson, Pianist and improviser, Santa Monica, CA

The music on "Towards The Light" is both appealing and intricate. There are
harmonic, rhythmic and structural complexities that should, by rights, entangle
and compromise the sound, unless worked out gingerly by pen and ink. These
recordings feature the smoothest of interplay, in the most daunting of improvised
settings. Can they bottle this stuff??? --- Bruce Friedman, Trumpeter

Sally Mosher
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As a musician, Sally Mosher has been active as pianist, newspaper music critic, teacher and concert manager, and presently concentrates on performing early music and her own compositions on the harpsichord. Mosher studied at Manhattanville College and the University of Southern California for degrees in music history and piano, studying piano with Lillian Steuber, and harpsichord with Wm. Neil Roberts. She holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Southern California Law School, and is a member of the California Bar. Long interested in contemporary music, Mosher is President of Piano Spheres Concerts (founded by Leonard Stein), a recital series presenting notable piano compositions of the 20th and 21st centuries at Zipper Concert Hall of the Colburn School of Performing Arts, Los Angeles.

You can read more about Sally Mosher at
American Composers' Forum

Patrick Lindley
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Patrick Lindley (www.patricklindley.com) received two degrees in harpsichord and musicology from the New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts. He was the first harpsichordist to receive the prestigious Beebe Award for European study/travel, working with Nadia Boulanger(Paris) and Gustav Leonhardt (Amsterdam), and has played recitals throughout Europe and the U.S. An accomplished pianist and composer, he has written for dance and film, composed numerous choral, theater, multi-media, chamber, and keyboard works. Lindley has written music for UCSB's recent productions of BY THE BOG OF CATS, LIFE'S A DREAM, AND TRANSLATIONS. He is currently Principal Musician for the Department of Dramatic Art/Dance Division at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Justin Rizzo-Weaver
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Justin Rizzo-Weaver studied music composition with Jeremy Haladyna and William Kraft at the University of California Santa Barbara's College ofCreative Studies (1996-2000). In 2000 he entered UCSB's linguistics program and completed the MA degree requirements in 2003. Since 2002 he has worked for Community Arts Music Association, a classical music presenter in Santa Barbara, as Concert and Publicity Manager. He has been improvising regularly with Patrick Lindley since 2004.

Scott Fraser
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Scott Fraser has been composing electro-acoustic music since 1972, working in live performance, dance, film, and radio media. His work, while primarily electronic, has also included works for solo instruments & small chamber ensembles. His pieces often utilize musique concrete techniques combined with acoustic & electric instruments and synthesis, while in recent years he has concentrated almost exclusively on extending the vocabulary of the electric guitar within the format of free improvisation. His recordings have been released on the Fun Music, Artifact, TrancePort, Hypnos, and pfMentum labels. He is also a Grammy-nominated recording engineer & has toured extensively since the early 1990šs as sound designer for the Kronos Quartet.

Track Listing


Total Time: 63:21
1.   Patrick Lindley
2.   Sally Mosher
3.   Justin Rizzo-Weaver
4.   Patrick and Sally
5.   Patrick and Justin
6.   Patrick, Sally, Justin
7.   Patrick and Justin
8.   Patrick and Justin
9.   Patrick, Sally, Justin
10.   Patrick, Sally, Justin
11.   Patrick, Sally, Justin
12.   Patrick, Sally, Justin
13.   Sally and Justin
14.   Patrick, Sally, Justin
15.   Scott, Patrick, Sally, Justin
16.   Scott
17.   Scott, Patrick, Sally, Justin

Sound Samples

Click the white triangle to play a 2-minute sample from each piece.

PIANO DUET: Patrick and Sally (track #4)  
SYNTHESIZERS: Patrick, Sally, Justin (track #14)  
ELECTRIC GUITAR: Scott (track #16)  


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