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Sally Mosher with friends Christian Mounger and Ron Harrell
at Santa Monica Malbec.
  Grammy winning pianist Gloria Cheng performed Sally’s “Out of the Silence” in a harpsichord recital. Pictured here with Sally and Gloria are two composers whose pieces Gloria also played: Far left: Karen Tenaka; Far right: Carolyn Yarnell.   Sally, Patrick Lindley and Scott Fraser are ready to play some improv at the opening launch party for their new CD Soundings at SPACE Art Gallery, South Pasadena.

Sally Mosher   Patrick Lindley playing at St. Andrews Church, Pasadena   Sally Mosher with noted harpsichordist Gilbert Martinez, after a performance

Sally with Dr. Frances Nobert
  Gloria Cheng (center), surrounded by the composers whose compositions she performed in a harpsichord recital at Colburn's Zipper Hall: L to R: William Kraft, Stephen Andrew Taylor, Sally Mosher, Gloria, Lei Liang, Viktoria Krausas, Karen Tanaka   Justin Rizzo-Weaver, Sally Mosher, Patrick Lindley

Sally at her French Double harpsichord   Sally Mosher - Spring 2011

Sally's Flemish Single harpsichord

Sally Mosher and Leonard Stein   Tony Brazier with Gus

Scott Fraser in his studio. The guitarist/composer does half the tour concerts (about 50 every year) with Kronos Quartet.   Sally Mosher with Chris Lewis at the Neupert 'Bach'

Sally Mosher at her French Double   Jeff Lavner

Alice Schoenfeld and Xin-Hua Ma   Christopher Lewis at his Herz harpsichord

Sally Mosher takes a bow   Sally Mosher and Roland Emmerich after they received
Vero Nihil Verius awards at Concordia University

Piano Spheres pianists with their founder Leonard Stein   Sally Mosher rehearsing on a Neupert at Kasimoff-Bluthner

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