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Patrick Lindley | Out of the Silence
Out of the Silence CD cover
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Patrick Lindley's flowing musical meditations are designed to enhance a state of spiritual, emotional and physical peace in the listener.

Tracks 1 and 9 of Out of the Silence are based on one of the oldest and best-loved Western hymns, Veni Creator Spiritus (Come, Creator Spirit).

The hymn dates from the 9th century, and invokes the help of the spirit to attain a mental state of joy and enlightenment.

Set to a haunting, timeless melody, the hymn asks the spirit to make our hearts overflow with love, to strengthen our patience, and lead us to peace.
Come, Creator Spirit,
Come And Fill My Heart
With Your Healing Grace;
Bring Me Your Loving Peace
  Come, Ignite My Senses,
Suffuse My Being With Love;
Give Me Patience To Pursue
The Ways Of Peace And Justice.

Track Listing
1.   Invocation
2.   Light from the East
3.   Journey to Campostela
4.   Processional
5.   Dream of Pythagoras
6.   Scheherazade's Tale
7.   Inner Vision
8.   Pilgramage
9.   Toward Satori

Patrick Lindley
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Patrick Lindley (www.patricklindley.org) received two degrees in harpsichord and musicology from the New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts. He was the first harpsichordist to receive the prestigious Beebe Award for European study/travel, working with Nadia Boulanger(Paris) and Gustav Leonhardt(Amsterdam), and has played recitals throughout Europe and the U.S. An accomplished pianist and composer, he has written for dance and film, composed numerous choral, theater, multi-media, chamber, and keyboard works. Lindley has written music for UCSB's recent productions of BY THE BOG OF CATS, LIFE'S A DREAM, AND TRANSLATIONS. He is currently Principal Musician for the Department of Dramatic Art/Dance Division at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Sound Samples

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Journey to Campostela  
Dream of Pythagoras  


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